Teaching space includes providing space for student teaching of special assessment FIG classrooms, lecture theaters, classrooms and other common classroom and computer use for teaching; professional laboratory of the Department of main equipment and analysis instruments, the development of "digital space design", "physical Environment "and" light acoustic "three spindle, respectively, with" digital lab "," Environment and Materials Laboratory "and" lighting laboratory ", and" Lighting Science "starting from the sophomore," building the physical environment. " , "digital space design" etc. lab courses to train students' professional ability in design and implement regulatory painting. Each specialized laboratories, by the teacher in charge of relevant expertise, how to effectively use a familiar, two maintenance easier. Usually by the Graduate Department of FIG duty to facilitate student reading and borrowing.

To enhance the teaching methods and to expand their horizons and reach the two sides and other countries well-known art-related design teachers share ideas, build by synchronous distance learning and multimedia teaching platform space characteristics of both the teaching environment. 100 G313 academic year refit sector amphitheater "World Lecture cum multimedia teaching environment characteristics", tailored computer dedicated desk, and computer equipment was originally set 51 moves to G313 space, combined with synchronous video software and hardware equipment, It provides a complete interactive teaching environment, complete e-Features. Quick and complete construction of the academic year in 101 synchronous distance learning platform in the world auditorium facilities, planning and Internet Internet video teaching, and build a video network line, designed to provide academic teaching links with foreign-related schools of Department expand living and design vision to grasp the pulse of the world design.