Department Highlights

Traditionally, learning more about space limitations in their respective specialized fields of architecture, landscape or interior design, urban design, but with the change of time, space design interface also gradually integrate each of these areas by the new art theory and new technology development, The open pluralistic and integrate both directions. With more of the premise, the characteristics of the system are as follows:

˙ nurtured through multivariate human, social and cultural, to ponder the concept as the basis, to encourage students to have a space of creativity and imagination in the design.

˙ To make students competent work space design, the pursuit of balanced development of theoretical study and practical techniques on teaching planning.

˙ import computer-aided design teaching, and balanced architecture, landscape and interior design to develop the professional capacity and to develop design collaboration and management capabilities.

˙ emphasized to develop professional competence, and for a variety of different conditions of the industrial structure, develop design collaboration and management capabilities.

˙ case studies with industrial cooperation, to achieve industry-academia balanced results.

˙ Each plays an important role in the design between the Department of Education ˙ College of Design, and by mutual support and integration, to achieve the highest ideals of the overall design.