Department Mission

(Same as undergraduate Bachelor refresher courses) The department includes five educational goals (basic, professional, integration, international perspective), its content includes knowledge transfer, technical training, thinking, innovation, teamwork, and lifelong learning and global perspective, and so completely in line with the school teaching the theory and practice of both, to nurture innovation and the ability to implement the professional design talents:

1. possess professional knowledge: training students to have a variety of different scale space planning and design ability to develop three-dimensional professional design talents.

2. adept at utilizing science and technology mediums: digital information in response to the needs of the times, changing design tools, integrated design and application of digital mediums to students have three-dimensional, even across 3D restrict professional design talents.

3. Integration can design Planning: With the implementation of Co-Studio course, students overall ability to effectively manage the design process.

4.The new thinking has to solve the case: extensively absorb new art, new technology, new design thinking, Integration of various spatial scales and environmental behavior needs, as a basis for the overall planning of the design.

5. The implementation of comprehensive design philosophy: to cultivate a balanced development of students on the theory and design practice. Have communication, cooperation, integration and management capacity of the system design. Taking into account the professional ethics and social responsibility, complete with human-centered design.