Graduation Requirements

103 school enrollment school graduation credit score of 128, which contains the revision, the hospital system will be set and electives credits. To ensure that students can attend within four years to complete the implementation of the above types of counseling mentor through the aforementioned icare system. In addition students can always see through the completion of the trial system has been revised, or lack of refresher courses, while in the third grade semester students majoring in science and more is required to confirm the process, has been issued by the school have taken courses and school scores, and require students confirmed as soon as possible so that students can arrange Buxiu course not. Another basis Dayeh University Department of Spatial Design graduating main design coursework Measures, to enable the Department of graduating students to complete main design courses to enhance graduate production standards, and to understand the exhibition work practices, and assessed a total score of this course, the graduation production accounting for 85%, 15% graduation exhibition. Which shall be to all the graduation exhibition on behalf of the graduating class at school together on public display, to foster team spirit; to the graduating class of the whole of the name of the non-exhibitors, are not included in the course grade calculation.