About the Department

All-round relations with the school and thinking design and art education, the establishment of a more robust framework "Design and Art Academy." Conform to the trend of society, in the Republic of 85 years and more established space design departments. Since this system is mainly combined with professional design environment, architecture, interior space and performances, etc., it will inevitably encounter many difficulties grassroots, but finally the establishment of the department at the principal and several teachers brave efforts.

Changing patterns of modern society and the environment against the trend of the future, and consider the system of foreign-related education, Department of Education Thoughts domestic policy; this system 88 years since the Republic of China has become the country's university education system is the only space design Department; adhere to this system because this system is employed in various fields with years of practical experience of teachers, rather than limited to teachers architectural technical design, it is possible to balanced development in all areas of space design. Republic of China in 2099 had set up training courses bachelor, and in a hundred years since the Republic of China for the construction group enrollment packets and Interior Design Group.